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Mission Statement


Cathedral Christian Academy will strive to provide a superior, Christian education consistent with Biblical principles and truths.  Within a secure, loving environment, students will enhance their individual gifts and mature spiritually, socially, and intellectually by becoming educated in a way which gives recognition to the authority of Christ in every area of their lives.



To glorify God by enhancing the skills and abilities in all students by edifying their self-esteem and confidence, and making them cognizant of their inner potentials, so that they may become successful in all aspects of their lives as according to Joshua 1:8b


Statement of Philosophy


Parents want God's best for their children, and we share that desire at CCA. The academy provides a Christ-centered environment where students may develop and flourish as God intends. We recognize that students have varied learning styles, rates of learning, individual interests, and talents. Cathedral Christian Academy is committed to meeting the spiritual and academic needs of our students in learning environments that are challenging, engaging, and inspiring. Respect and high expectations for everyone at Cathedral Christian Academy are necessary to fulfill the will of the Lord Jesus Christ for the school. By coming alongside the Christian family, Cathedral Christian Academy can instruct students in the development of godly character within their families, churches, schools, and communities. Godly character is the foundation our students build upon as they move toward the call God has placed on their lives. We believe that closely integrated partnerships with the ministries and body of Christ will enable God to accomplish His will for the families at Cathedral Christian Academy. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to learn about and serve in Christian ministry. (Ephesians 1:17–20)



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